Wednesday, 18 February 2009


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cyanotype photgram self portrait, surrounded by manmade objects found on the beach.
This is a huge piece by the way!!
I had to paint layers of the cyanotype chemicals on the sheet and let it dry. then after much practicing, I placed it on the beach on a sunny day, and placed items found nearby around the edges, and lay in the middle.
Then, I had to rinse it off in the bath, and dry it again. My son made a frame for it, and my family helped me to fix it to the frame. It was in our end of year show, and now after having to remove it from the frame to transport it and put it back on again when in its final destination, it hangs inside my very own darkoom!!


June Julian said...

I love your huge beach cyanotype - what a great idea! If you can send me a larger format 300 dpi image, we can print it and put it in our Wish You Were Here Exhibit. Welcome to our project!

Deborah said...

thanks for your comment. i have tried to send you an email with 2 images on. hope it works!